Jazz Jews

From early jazz to the dance bands of the swing era, from bebop to jazz-rock to the avant-garde, as the composers of jazz standards, and as impresarios, record producers and the founders of jazz labels, festivals and venues, Jews have been and are there, wherever jazz is performed, in whatever country.

Mike Gerber’s book Jazz Jews explores the role of Jews in breaking the colour bar in American jazz, and in using jazz as an instrument against apartheid and against Soviet repression, and as a means of survival in Nazi death camps.

Jazz Jews also investigates the phenomenon and influence of ‘Jewish jazz’, from the Jazz Age to the present day, with extensive coverage of Israeli jazz. Mike Gerber has interviewed everyone that matters – Jews and non-Jews, Black and White, and his book includes one of the last interviews with Artie Shaw.

Jazz Jews is international in scope. It has been ten years in the making and includes 7,000 names in the index alone.